Join The Gorilla Crew Membership

Join The Gorilla Crew Membership

An Exclusively dirty membership

Earn points, get unreleased gear & help us grow

Invest a little with us and we'll give something back to you

Why The Gorilla Crew?

Gorilla Dirt is self-funded and owned by outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. Because of this, we rely on our incredible customers and the support of the community to keep growth going without resorting to outside investments. The Gorilla Crew memberships supports these efforts and allows us to connect with customers in ways that no one else does. Our customers can help shape the direction of Gorilla Dirt.

Why the severed head?

The Gorilla Crew is all about going outside the typical product design, product selection, and customer interaction. We’re severing the head of the norms. It’s time to get dirty. 

Join The Gorilla Crew Membership
Join The Gorilla Crew Membership
Actual example of new design styles you can help shape

What does the membership include?

To put it bluntly, your membership helps us grow and in return, you get some killer perks. Get access to unreleased, heavily discounted products, which can be found in the Gorilla Crew shop menu item. Earn points back on any purchase that can be used for future purchases. Offer feedback and help shape new products or services being released by Gorilla Dirt. 

Earn points

As members who already shop with us, you’ll earn points for every single purchase. Save them up or spend them as you earn them. As time goes on our inventory of items will continue to grow with more options for earning and spending those points. This is our way of giving back.

Unreleased products

We are testing new products all the time. Some we will release for public purchase, some we won’t. In both cases, we wind up with a limited supply of these items in stock. Many of these, we’d love to sell to you at dirt cheap prices so we can get your feedback. That feedback shapes our direction. The items are yours to keep.  

Shape new products

Tell us what products we should add, remove or upgrade. You’ll have direct access to our team here to begin conversations on not just what we should be selling in our store, but what services we should be adding. Gorilla Crew members are an extension of our team, whose input will help drive the direction of the future of Gorilla Dirt.

The Gorilla Crew Membership

For those wanting to support Gorilla Dirt and earn some points back. 

  • Earn 1 points for every dollar spent throughout the store
  • 500 points = $5.00

Example: $30 t-shirt = 60 points

*Your membership is good for as long as Gorilla Dirt remains in existence – we are planning on this being years and years. Memberships are not transferable. Currently only available in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Membership does not give ownership or a stake in Gorilla Dirt LLC. It does allow you to have a voice that the Gorilla Dirt team will hear.

Please review The Gorilla Crew Terms and Conditions

Thank you for checking out The Gorilla Crew membership. We would love for you all to join us and be along for an amazing adventure.
Astrid Sorensen
Oslo, Norway