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You’re at camp and just realized there was no kindling or other small twigs or leaves to start your fire, or maybe there was, but it was damp and would not light. Our Firebrush Fire Starters will get that fire lit.

Maybe you are out back at home or your cabin, and you’re pumped up to get your outdoor stove or firepit lit for your friends. You roll up a sad little wad of paper hoping it’ll last longer than 10 seconds to get your wood lit. No issue, your buddy brought Firebrush Fire Starters.

Firebrush Firestarters
Firebrush Fire starters

Our Firebrush Fire Starters are made with wax-infused natural hemp. The natural hemp burns clean and easily while the wax adds moisture/wind resistance to the hemp while slowing the burn – creating a long-lasting burn.

Each hemp piece is approximately 5 inches x .75 inches. Each piece consists of 3 strands of tightly woven hemp. You can light the single piece of Firebrush for a burn lasting up to 10+ minutes, or if you don’t need so much and just need a smaller burn to get your fire started, you can separate the 3 strands and burn those individually. Even from there, you can separate those 3 strands into smaller brush pieces as you need them.

Why do we call these Firebrush? Before lighting, we recommend using your fingers to separate the hemp strands at the tip, creating a brush-like effect at the end of the piece, making it easier and faster to light. Because the hemp is infused with wax, creating the brush at the end makes it much faster to light and not have to burn through the wax to get it lit. Also, the more you separate the strands, the more brush-like it becomes.

How to use

  • First, take one Firebrush stick out of the package.
  • Second, decide if you need a long burn, or a short burn, and separate one of the hemp strands if need be.
  • Third, use your fingers to separate the individual strands at one end, creating a brush effect. Remember, there is infused wax so it will feel a little waxy.
  • Finally, place the Firebrush piece where you need to and light it.


  • Each package comes with 4 Firebrush Fire Starters
  • Each Firebrush Fire Starter and be separated into 3 individual fire starters giving you 12 smaller firestarters.
  • Each smaller firestarter can be broken down into individual strands as needed.
  • Made with wax-infused natural hemp.
  • Each of the 4 pieces is approximately 5″ x .75″.
  • Each of the 4 full-size pieces can burn for up to 10 minutes or longer, depending on the weather and environment.
  • Shipped directly from our Murphys, CA headquarters.
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