Content Creators Wanted

Content Creators Wanted
Content Creators Wanted

Hello! Gorilla Dirt is looking for content creators/models for our apparel and other products. Help us grow and hopefully, we can help you!

Now, to be completely upfront and transparent, we are by no means a large company. We are a small studio in Murphys, CA, trying to design new products and graphics that inspire people to get out, get dirty, and stay dirty. Gorilla Dirt is roughly 2 years old and self-funded.

What we are looking for

  • Someone who can take our products and create content (photos and/or video).
  • We will send the products to you. You can keep the products.
  • We are looking for those who are in this space… overlanding, camping, adventure travel, etc. We are looking for natural content because that’s what you guys are already doing.
  • You can request specific products or we might request other product content.

What’s in it for you?

  • We will list the content in ads, social media posts, and elsewhere.
  • All this content will be tagged based explicitly on your creator ID with us.
  • We will create a special affiliate ID for you so that you automatically generate income based on sales of that product. You can create content for any number of products.
  • We will also tag you in any content that goes up that you created, hopefully also generating exposure for you.
  • As an example, if you create content for a specific graphic tee. That content goes up in the form of an ad or post. All links back to the product have your ID in it. We can see how many sales are generated. You can see how many sales are generated in your special affiliate account with us. If we sell 1000 of them, and your rate is say $2 a shirt, you make $2000 from that tee. Of course, we could only sell 1 tee.
  • Every product ID will stay active for 6 months. If you create additional content regularly or for multiple products, in general, it will just be residual income from us.
  • The fee to you per product can vary. It could be $.50 for a sticker, or upwards of $20 per product for something else. The quality of the content and the success of sales could result in higher fees to you.
  • If you prefer a one-time payment, please let us know, however, like what was mentioned above, we are a small studio and cannot afford big content fees.

Once again, we’re a small studio and are simply looking for any creators who want to work with us, help us grow, and in return, hopefully make a decent extra or full-time income. We cannot guarantee your content will sell a bunch of items or that you will make a bunch of money. This is new for us and we may need to tweak it from time to time.

Anyone who might be interested, please get in touch with us using the form below. Ask any questions you might have – any concerns you might have. Filling out the form below simply gets the ball rolling to see if we are a fit for each other. We need to see social media or other accounts showing the content you create – your style. It should be a style that fits with our style. If you would be doing apparel and modeling the apparel, please be sure to show content related to this. We aren’t looking for runway models, but natural content in the setting that fits our products.

Important – Please read all of the above before submitting. This is not an Ambassador program. This is something completely different and new. You can check out our Ambassador program here.

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