Create Content for Gorilla Dirt

We're a growing studio

We’re not trying to change the world. Our only goal has ever been to inspire others get out, have an adventure, through design.

Grow with us

We’re looking for those who aren’t expecting to make boat loads of cash off us, but instead want to help us grow, and in turn, we help you grow.

We are a small studio, with limited resources

We get inquiries regularly for Content Creators. We’ll be upfront… if you are looking to be paid for content, we are small can only work with a select few. We do have other options, which is mentioned below. But if you don’t have samples of similar product samples in our space that we can see as far as previous work, we won’t be able to consider you. Again, we are small, we don’t have the resources to “try someone out” at this point. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Be social media savvy. know how to create good content.
  • Create content based on a campaign. If we are pushing our Rover Duffle to overlanders for example, the content should be good for that campaign. You should understand the space and how to create content for it.
  • The content must be original, no AI or copyrighted content.

What are we offering in return?

  • Agreed upon fees
  • Free gear to use for the content

*If we are filled up or don’t have the resources to bring on anyone at the moment, we do have an option where we can use content in ad campaigns in which the campaigns are tagged and tracked and all sales resulted from the campaign with result in a commission for you. This is just an option if any content creates are still interested but we are not able to bring them on the traditional way.

Please use the form below if interested. Thanks so much for your interest.

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Please don't list "I will create content because I am a creator." We are looking for specific campaign type of information. What products, what the content will convey, etc.
We simply want to be able to see that you have done product content and can do content in our space.