Gorilla Dirt X

Our Creative Pro Partner Program

You found our Gorilla Dirt X page. What is this? Well, it's our way of bringing you along on this dirty adventure! If you'd like to join us, for free, you are welcome to sign up. Please read more details below.

It's essentially an "affiliate" program, but more!

So many of you share images or videos of your Gorilla Dirt swag and we wanted a way to give back to you.

  • It’s FREE, though approval is required and we do reserve the right to cancel any membership.
  • Once you sign up you  get an  exclusive link that you can share on social media, your website, etc.  Anyone that purchases using your link gives you a % of  sales back!
  • Access to exclusive Gorilla Dirt X gear and accessories. Our X gear is  available to anyone through our store, but we do  have special items just for you. These items are in our store but only viewable by you.
  • You'll have your own special ID and link. You can share this with anyone. Anyone who purchases anything from gorilladirt.com will kick back a commission to you! We have 3 rankings for those who refer any sales and commission and perks increase as your referrals increase.
  • Have your own design ideas? Reach the top rank and collaborate with us for your own graphics line on our products – we’ll split the profits!

The is completely free with no obligations or fees to you EVER.

Please read the insanely boring, but necessary Gorilla Dirt X Partner Terms Of Service page before submitting.

Important, Please Read.

Our Gorilla Dirt Affiliate Program is currently unavailable due the platform we were using. We decided we needed something more robust than what we had. Because of this, we aren't accepting new sign ups at this time. If you are a previous Affiliate member, please contact us with any questions you might have.