3 Week Shipping Delays For Specific Products/ June 24th to July 12th

It has been one heck of an awesome year and a half! We can’t express enough how much we appreciate all of your support so far. Because of all the wonderful craziness, we are taking a company trip to recharge as we prepare to launch a number of new products. Because we’re still a small studio, our headquarters will temporarily close down for 3 weeks in order to give everyone much-needed time off. We will of course be getting dirty during this time away!

Headquarter Shipping
3 Week Shipping Delays For Specific Products/ June 24th to July 12th

Starting June 24th through July 12th, our headquarters in Murphys, CA will be closed. Because we use a few different services to help us store and ship items, not everything will have shipping delays while we are away. Items such as phone cases, duffles, apparel and more will still ship on time during this period. Only the items noted with this icon, that ship directly from our headquarters, will be delayed until our return on July 14th, when we resume regular headquarter shipping. As a thank you for your understanding and for making any purchase during this time, we’ll probably have a number of products on sale for you!

If you are shopping and you see a note about the shipping delay, you can still order, no problem, but it won’t be shipped until after July 12th. Any orders placed prior to June 24th will ship before we close on June 23rd at 8pm (pst).

Products that will have a delay in shipping until we return:

Thank you, everyone! By the time we get back, we should be launching our new sleeping bags!