Gorilla Dirt X

Our Creative Pro Collaboration Platform

You found our Gorilla Dirt X page. What is this? Well, it's our way of bringing other creatives, off-road pros and others in this space together with us to collaborate on new designs, test products and even discuss our rigs! If you'd like to join us, for free, you are welcome to sign up. All sign ups are first approved. Please read more details below.

Kind Of Like A Co-Op, But Not Quite

Invest time in us and we'll give that back 100 fold if you'll let us. Gorilla Dirt has grown because of you. We're a small studio growing fast, again, because of you. How can we give back more? We donate regularly to charities and events, we give a percentage of sales to trail conservation and environmental issues. We want to also give back to you, our customers and peers. We want you to be involved in the direction of Gorilla Dirt. Here's what we're offering....

  • It’s FREE, though approval is required. If you want to contribute to Gorilla Dirt, whether through design, collaboration, ambassadorship or others, join our Gorilla Dirt X  Pro platform!
  • Membership includes a 5% discount on anything and everything.  This is on top of any coupons or sales going on. Once logged in as a member, all prices will automatically display the new 5% off price.
  • Access to exclusive Gorilla Dirt X gear and accessories. Our X gear is  available to anyone through our store, but we do  have special items just for you.
  • We’ll be sending out free gear monthly to random members to try out and or give feed back on the design.
  • Have your own design ideas? Collaborate with us for your own graphics line on our products – we’ll split the profits!
  • We’re going to do our best to work with other brands and services to bring even more savings to you.
  • Access to our members only forum to discuss products, marketing for your own accounts, website questions, trails, how-to’s…. everything to help you grow your online presence and adventures!
Gorilla Dirt X Sticker
  • Is there a fee?

    There are no fees - none. Join, wait  for your approval and let's start  collaborating! 

  • Do I get my own special member ID?

    Well, yes, kind of, but we don't make a big deal about it. To us, all membership ID's do is create a hierarchy that is useless anyway. You'll receive our exclusive Gorilla Dirt X Pro sticker along with access to all our Gorilla Dirt X Pro gear. This membership is about doing what we can to inspire others to get out and bring awareness to trails, trail conservation and more!

  • So as a member, I can collaborate on products?

    Yes!! So any product we have, tees, blankets, stickers, etc if you have graphics or graphic ideas and want to get them on our products, let's do it! We have a section in our store called Collaborations and your items would be showcased in here. If they sell, we split the profits! 

  • Your'e going to send me free items every month to test and keep?

    Not quite. As we come out with new items or even just new graphics that maybe we need some feedback on. We'll randomly select X amount of members to see if they want to receive the item and give us some feedback. Depending on the product, we may or may not let you keep the item. Most times you'd be able to keep it. 

  • 5% off everthing for life?

    Yes!! Even if you have a coupon code or something is on sale, you'll still automatically get an extra 5% off! 

Still have questions, visit our contact page or feel free to get in touch on one of our social media accounts.