What is a Marketplace Partner?

Our goal is to bring useful and exciting products and services to the outdoor adventure and off-road community. We also want to help promote other small businesses and studios. By becoming a partner, you can list your items on Gorilla Dirt!

What's the catch?

No catch! You have stuff to sell, we have stuff to sell, let us help reach new customers! We have the growing website traffic with thousands of shoppers every month and you have awesome products to show off!

Who can join?

If you have a small business or studios that develops, designs or sells to our outdoor community, you can potentially list your products. You must have quality items to sell, we reserve the right to refuse any one. Our value the community we have built and grown to know and so we will not allow scams or poor quality items onto our store. You must also have clear terms and conditions for returns, no returns, how damaged items are handled, etc. Again, we won't allow just anything on the site. You don't need to be the next big thing, could just be a cool shirt, or a well design rack... but those items must be backed up if there are issues.

All products can be rated.

Just like we allow for our own Gorilla Dirt items, all your items, and you, can be rated.

Please contact us for additional details.

For more details, please contact us using the form below. We're excited about this program and hope to work with so many of you out there. Gorilla Dirt is backed by Gorilla Public, a tech company with decades of experience in development and support.