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The idea behind Gorilla Dirt is to inspire others to get out and have an adventure through design. We want to share all your incredible stories, how-to's, whatever.

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We're a small studio, so we can't pay you for these submissions. However, you can promote yourself, your social media accounts, your products... and we'll promote you on all our accounts! We want to not just share your stories and inspire others, but we want promote you for submitting and joining us!


We giveaway so much, if you are looking to get rich selling stories, we might not be a fit. But if you want to share tips, trip info, DIY's and want some exposure for yourself, let's do this!

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Again, the point is to share YOUR stories, whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time van lifer! Everyone's stories will inspire! All we ask is that your submissions have something to do with outdoor adventures. Off-road, overlanding, van-life, road trips, outdoor sports, trails, etc, etc. Photos or videos are encouraged.

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You'll need a free account on our platform to start - use the link in the menu to create that. There are no minimum requirements, submit one article or 100. The only criteria is no racial garbage, no sexist stuff (we're all equals) and please, no fake stuff unless you are literally sharing fiction - just let us know. All articles are verified as to not contain anything we think is offensive or against anything mentioned above. Edit your own stuff, we'll post as is and share it to whoever we possibly can!

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