We're a growing studio

We're not trying to change the world. Our only goal has ever been to inspire others get out, have an adventure, through design.

Grow with us

We're looking for those who aren't expecting to make boat loads of cash off us, but instead want to help us grow, and in turn, we help you grow.

Gorilla Dirt Brand Ambassador

Who we're looking for

Alright, let's get into it. We'll be as upfront and to the point as we can so everyone understands who we're looking for and why. No hard feelings if we can't work with everyone, we literally can't work with everyone.

These are guidelines only, it would be good to meet most of these, but we're open to ideas. Ultimately, the point of a brand rep is help us get exposure and in return, we'll help you get exposure and possibly even earn some money.


If you love the outdoors or get dirty in your rig on the trail, you're our kind of adventurer.

Who we are looking for

  • Be social media savvy. know how to post content, what kind of content.
  • No political, racial, sexual, or other offensive or potentially offensive content.
  • We're looking for outdoor/adventure/off-road leaning reps. Your accounts must have something to do with all or any of these. After, we are Gorilla Dirt.
  • Have a decent amount of followers. Having 100 followers is great, but the exposure isn't much for us. Depending on the quality of content, follower count open.
  • You must be ok with us sharing your content you create with our brand product/messages.
  • Must be a US resident. Our customers reside in North America. If you are in another country, let us know, we're working on expanding.
  • Be able to create good content. Regarding content, we love off-road vehicles, but if your account is essentially photos of different angles of your vehicle and not much else, it's not really what we're looking for. After all, we say "GET OUT, GET DIRTY" a lot.

What are we offering in return?

  • We're going into this with the mindset of not what's in it for Gorilla Dirt, but what's in it for us.
  • We'll share your info every chance we get. We'll list you as a brand rep on our website, linking to your account(s).
  • We'll send you free products to use and keep, as often as every month, to make content with or just show off.
  • We'll set you up with our Gorilla Dirt Affiliate program so you can share links, etc, and earn commission from any sale.
  • We can create coupon codes for you to use as part of the affiliate program.
  • As you grow with us, we can help sponsor trips you might do as you create content on that trip.
  • For those really growing with us, collaborate with us on new designs.
  • We can veer off course and try new ideas down the road.

Sponsoring or collaboration isn't something we will immediately want to do, but rather do something at that level once someone has been successfully working with us. Success being measured by exposure/sales.

Please use the form below if interested. Thanks so much for your interest.

    Tell us about yourself and why you think we're a good fit for eachother - this is your chance to shine. Please include any social media accounts we should check out.