Bomb Theory Gorilla Dirt

Join our design research and development to help us design new products, new graphics or update current designs. Your feedback and support since Gorilla Dirt's inception has been our motivation.

If we think our design is bomb proof, help us prove that Bomb Theory. If your input leads to something, we might have an actually Bomb Theory badge and more as our thanks.

*Terms of use below.


*Terms of use: The page is for feature requests and product feedback only. It does not entitle anyone to the rights of whatever is posted. If you want to send us something private, please contact us directly. Anything posted here is not private nor protected unless specifically stated. Anyone who posts feedback that leads to a significant change or new product does not have rights to anything developed because of that feedback. However, we do plan on sending anyone whose feedback we deem as important and that leads to product improvement or new products an actually honorary Bomb Theory badge and possible free gear. This is at our discretion. 

With all that out of the way, we greatly appreciate your support and feedback.