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The Dusy Ershim Trail 2021

Dusy Ershim Trail

The Dusy Ershim Trail

The Dusy Ershim OHV  Trail is  located just east of Madera, CA in the Sierras. And as the name implies, it is a bit of a dusy. Not  because  it is overly tough, though I would  not venture onto  this trail with  sufficient vehicle clearance and  the know-how  to navigate  over numerous boulders, but it’s a dusy because  it is just  non-stop rocks. Small rocks, large rocks and even more rocks. You are  basically a bobblehead the entire trail. Though it is one pretty trail.

The last stop for gas, food, etc is at Shaver Lake. From my understanding there are two ways to hop onto the main Dusy Ershim trail, we took  the  route  from the southern end of Courtright Reservoir,  in which you  have to cross quite dusy of a dam. But once you get  across, the trailhead  is just a  short  distance away  and it is literally a rock  crawl to one of the  campgrounds. From there, it’s just good’ol  wheelin’. 

We did not make it the full distance on this trip. We had a  lot in our group and  two vehicles broke some  things on the trail so we deemed it  best we don’t try to continue and  make it  harder  to  get the  vehicles out if more  issues arose.  Though I  have to  say, this group is quite the mechanically inclined bunch, having a welder and spare metal parts  available.

All in all,  if you  have the vehicle and skillset,  I’d check out this trail, the vehicles are amazing. Though those of you with wide vehicles, there was a ton of squeeze spots between trees,  many Jeeps rubbed them  regularly trying to  get through.

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